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How to use Plant Benders

What are Plant Trainers? Plant Trainers or Plant Benders are the most efficient tool in your greenhouse, grow tent or garden. They allow you to directly control the direction in which a plant grows. That could be up, down, left, right ect. It takes Low Stress training to the next level! Gone are the days of needing to use strings or even the need to drill into your pot. Get your set of Plant Benders by clicking here.

Step 1: Water your plants. Make sure your plant has been fully watered, preferably the day before. This makes your stems easier to work with and more flexible.

Step 2: Identify the branches you want to bend. This could be a branch leaning out towards your tents walls. The best stems to reorient are the main shoots that are towering over smaller nodes that are in shade. 

Step 3:  Pinch the stem with your fingers where you want it to bend. Then bend the stem back and forth with your hands to make it more flexible. Then slide the Plant Trainer over the stem. The stem should now be facing almost 90 degrees in the other direction. 


That's all! In the next 12-24 hours prepare to be amazed as the stem reorients itself up towards the light, no longer bunched together or blocking light and airflow from other parts of the plant.

Click here for an install video.

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