How Plant Benders Help Tray (@Highly_Ganjanous) in her Garden

How Plant Benders Help Tray (@Highly_Ganjanous) in her Garden

Tray, known on Instagram as @Highly_Ganjanous grew up in the Midwest. We had a Q&A session where we asked her a few grow-related questions.

She's been using our Plant Benders for over a year. She says, "They were sent to me by someone who knows how much my soul loves training plants." We're so happy she gave them a try! To date she's taken some of the coolest and best photos we've ever gotten which we've included in this article. Her favorite thing about Plant Benders is that they allow Low Stress Training to take place at any stage of the grow and anywhere in the canopy. Plus they are easier than any other methods of training such as using strings and ties that require drilling into your pots, which only allows you to tie the plants down not upwards or even left/right.

When she was younger, her parents insisted that they grow tomatoes in their garden every summer. Naturally, she helped out.

Years later, she started growing cannabis. She says "Cannabis was a gateway plant for me. I got into growing and forums around 2015-2016 and a few years ago I started growing companion plants for my cannabis and then that knowledge branched out into growing many varieties of plants organically."

We asked her what she had in her tent and she said, "Lots of companion plants including sunflowers, lavender, mint, marigolds, herbs, aloe and cacti, along with cannabis which even includes some FreakShow bonsais (one with exposed roots)." We've included some photos of those below.

She even has a side-by-side grow taking place with Slurricane from InHouse genetics and Mark MacGuire (Mendo Breath x Mac) bred by SoFloGrothat are using our Plant Benders and cages to compare health and yield results. In another environment she has a GG4 in a DIY mobile SCROG. All organic.

We asked her what the hardest plant to grow was. She told us the Slurricane, which took her 4 runs to dial in citing issues with potassium being so sought after by the plant. In one of the runs where she had potassium issues,  the plant still tested in at 31% with high terpenes!
The easiest plant to grow? "Aloe!" she said. "Aloe is a 'set it and forget it' plant. Mine hangs in the indirect light in my tent, I water it like every 4-6 weeks and it thrives. Aloe is a good companion plant to give to plants dealing with heat stress. It is also good for rooting clones organically."
We were so excited to hear how thrilled she is to grow. Like many, she started off growing normal plants, then tried cannabis. She took what she already knew about normal plants and applied that knowledge to cannabis, and it certainly paid off. She has grown some of the best looking plants we've seen. We asked her what her advice would be for new growers and she said, "You are the artist with the canvas of your space. Try new things and see what vibes with you and your environment. The Engineered Essentials plant training clips really inspire me, they help me learn and control my plants."
She's currently a Team Captain for the "InHouse Genetics One World One Plant home grow showcase" with other teams from all over the world. She says it's amazing to see so many people come together and connect over an amazing plant. They get to grow unreleased strains while they document and showcase  the process. We definitely recommend you follow along on her Instagram, linked below.
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Tray’s garden is a work of art, all the love she puts into it really shows 💚 Shout out to Graybeard on Irie Discord for the recommendation on these , Tray asked for good plant benders and he was spot on with best to use 💪


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