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GEN 2 Adjustable Plant Benders- 10 Pack

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You Asked! WE LISTENED! Here's how it works! To make separating the two pieces easy just push from behind with your finger. Then the two pieces will easily pull apart. Want more of a specific size? Check out our other listings for larger quantities.

Bend your stems in any direction to increase airflow and yields.

Our newest product release allows unlimited plant control in any direction! The best plant benders® ever made.  

These adjustable plant trainers allow you to pick your angle. Thick plants? Start with a nice gentle bend then increase the angle and bend to unlock the full potential. Won’t harm plants! 

Two sizes included!

5 Small Size 

5 Large Size

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GEN 2 LIVE, featuring better contour angles to guide stems easier, new packaging, and more.

Our packaging and product are now made from recycled materials, and are 100% recyclable!



Reusable: Everlasting design allows for continuous use harvest after harvest.

Increase Airflow: Air flow plays an important roll in preventing mold. These Low Stress Trainers will allow the plant to be re-oriented to allow for better airflow, stopping the chances from mold growing.

Increase Light Penetration throughout canopy: By directing stems and fruit sites outward, more light is able to reach the center of the plants and hit photosensitive areas on the plant which increases growth.

Plants are prone to reaching for the light source and stretching. This can be annoying if you are growing in an indoor environment because they may come too close to the lights or ceiling space and burn. These are the perfect solution. They allow you to bend branches by hand and slip this trainer over it, re orienting them 90 degrees. These do not hurt or stress the plant when done correctly. Plants branching too far out? Use these to re-orient the plant to face inwards! Simply bend a branch by hand back and fourth a couple times to make it easy to work with. Then slip these over. That’s all!


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
The clips are too big

I’m not sure why the large clips are 4x larger than the old large clips but now I have a bag of these giant clips I can’t even use. The smalls prob work great but these large ones are useless unless your growing absolute monster plants. These large clips sag down the branches way to much as well for regular everyday gardeners.

Jeffery Kowal
Plant bender

First time indoor grower, so far looks good !

Plant training

Really like the ability to adjust the angle as a plant is growing.

Jeff Nichols

Can’t wait to use these. I know they will work great

Joseph Giglia
Plant training

This is the second time ordering these,I bought the old ones now I'm trying the adjustable ones,love these things,it makes life alot easier!thanks guys ,my props.