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Engineered Essentials

Bulk Plant Benders - 100 Pack

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Customer Reviews

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Lettuce Grower 67
Just amazing results

My first order was a starter pack of 30 small and 30 normal. The results are instant with no damage to my plants. Tons of new growth, shoots everywhere. I have since bought both the small and normal sizes in bulk. I am completely satisfied and will be trying the new adjustable benders soon. I do wish there was one size smaller for starting LST on seedlings and completely removing any need for tying at any stage.

Jerry W
Awesome customer service !

Excellent product one of a kind they’re easy to work with and helpyour plants grow really nice

Jeffery Kowal

I love this product !
Adjustable one's too !
Only thing I would do is make some of the non-adjustable ones with not such a radical bend, other than that, genius !

Don Carson
Best deal

I love em but a little pricey

Lee Merritt
Love this company

I have taken my growing skills to a new level with the help of these LST clips. I started with a couple bags of the two sizes, but recently bought a bull order during a flash sale. These things are awesome and I can’t wait to do my next grow with an insane amount of veg mastery