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Growth Manipulation Kit- Assorted size

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The perfect kit to get you started. Provides coverage for up to 2-3 plants throughout its entire lifecycle. Reusable harvest after harvest.

What's included:

15 small

15 large





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Use Mini Size for Seedlings and Clones. Perfect for younger plants 
Reusable: Everlasting design allows for continuous use harvest after harvest.

30 Pack: One pack will provide huge amounts of Low Strength Training potential for up to 3 plants.

Increase Airflow: Air flow plays an important roll in preventing mold. These Low Stress Trainers will allow the plant to be re-oriented to allow for better airflow, stopping the chances from mold growing.

Increase Light Penetration throughout canopy: By directing stems and fruit sites outward, more light is able to reach the center of the plants and hit photosensitive areas on the plant which increases growth.

Plants are prone to reaching for the light source and stretching. This can be annoying if you are growing in an indoor environment because they may come too close to the lights or ceiling space and burn. These are the perfect solution. They allow you to bend branches by hand and slip this trainer over it, re orienting them 90 degrees. These do not hurt or stress the plant when done correctly. Plants branching too far out? Use these to re-orient the plant to face inwards! Simply bend a branch by hand back and fourth a couple times to make it easy to work with. Then slip these over. That’s all!
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Low Stress Training

Low Stess Train

Plant Benders 

Plant Trainers


Super crop

Supper cropping

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Tony Gabrielli

Five star product, & customer service. Def will order more

Randy B.
So easy

It couldn't be any easier. You are able to put these on anywhere you need. No tying, no clutter, no complications.

Frank McCann
Good product

I am looking forward to using these to increase air and light to entire plant.

Ronald Daisomont
I need 45 degree clips

These clips are the best I love them but here is the thing everybody knows that when you’re trying to get your canopy perfectly perfectly level because some buds are going to be higher than the other down the road so if they were to make a 45° clip would be great I just need to put a slight bend in my tops so maybe someday they’ll make them anyway great product guys !!!!

Roy Hunter

Great product!!! Puts you back in control.